About us


We are a team of students attending Future Tech Studio School in Warrington. Our cohort consists of a mixture of engineering, IT and business students who all have a passion for making. Our team is comprised of:



Jared Fisher, a year 11 engineering student, who aspires to go to one of the top universities, like The University of Manchester or even The University of Oxford, and study physics and maths as a joint Masters and then go on to study Physics at PhD level.

James Hewitson, a year 11 engineering student, aims to become a Nuclear engineer while working for a top nuclear company like Sellafield or Amec Foster Wheeler. He also wants to go to university while working for his desired company and study Nuclear Physics or Nuclear Engineering.


Billie-Jo Powers, a year 11 business student, who wishes to study astrophysics at a leading university, such as The University of Bath, until she gets a PhD in her respective field. Then she wants to go on to inspire more people to take up a career in the sciences.


Ryan Kenny, a year 11 IT student, who has a passion for writing code and is already designing websites and online systems for a worldwide company based in Warrington. He wants to get an apprenticeship at a top cyber security firm after he has done his A-Levels and help to protect the security of our nation.


Grace Jones, a year 11 business student, who has an eagerness for marketing, has had experience at marketing within esteemed companies. After her A-levels Grace wants to study Business studies at a highly regarded Business university.


Connor Harris, a year 13 engineering student, who wants to attend an esteemed university to study engineering, such as the University of Liverpool. He then wants to go into the engineering sector and work for a respected company as a design engineer.


And our Physics teacher, Ms Keep, who has assisted our project from the start and helped us brainstorm ideas for our project.

We have also had assistance from top academics such as Dr. Mark Feltham from LJMU’s School of Natural Science and Psychology and Brett Lempereur from LJMU’s School of Computer Science.



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